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Custom Travel Fishing Rods

Through my years of fishing and traveling, one thing I have learned is many times when you arrive at your destination you’re normally stuck with your guide or friend's equipment.

Fly rod technology has advanced to the point that you can put four or five rods and reels in your suitcase easily without adding any bulk. The advantage of this is arriving at your destination with equipment you know and trust. You know the limits of the equipment and feel good about it because it is yours and you take care of it.

My goal in offering these custom travel rods is to give you the option of taking a couple of rod and reel combos with you when you travel. Only you know what you like to have in your hand and what pound line you like on your reel. Whether you're going to fish for rainbow trout in the midwest or speckled trout on the gulf coast, red salmon in Alaska or redfish in Mosquito Lagoon, bass in Texas or blues on the east coast, I can put a rod in your suitcase that will take care of your needs.

The custom rods I build are on quality blanks like St. Croix. These rods come in three or four pieces ranging from spinning to casting, and are offered between 6-ft. to 7.5-ft. lengths.

I can build your custom fishing rod in any color you like and will customize the rod with your name on it. I will keep a color record in case you would like to get a matching rod at a later date. Each rod will have a custom case made from C-PVC with your name on it. Shipping will be included in the price of your rod. I can normally have a custom rod delivered to you within two weeks of your order.

Prices start at $175 for a custom rod built on a St. Croix blank with Fuji ceramic guides. Specialty parts such as titanium guides are going to add a little to the price. The rods pictured are just a few that I have built over the last seven years. References can be supplied. Thank you for considering a JP Custom Rod.

custom travel fishing rods
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