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Boat and Equipment

I’ve owned many boats. Honestly though, I couldn’t be happier with my latest, a custom 24-ft. Carolina Skiff. The fishing area is huge. Whether casting for trout, reds, blues, spanish or any other species with several people or the big bow platform for fly fishing, this boat is a fishing machine. I can get it through eight inches of water at 30 mph or take it offshore for grouper and snapper. The steering area is a short tower so I drive the boat five feet off the water at all times. Talk about a view! If a fish breaks water within a half mile I will see it.

You will be supplied with quality Penn and Diawa reels, great rods to match each reel and good line. Braid for the offshore, co-polymers for the inshore. The line size of choice is 10-lb., although I kick it up to 12-lb. during the summer when the big spanish are around.

Offshore I like to use 50-lb. braid for the grouper. When fishing for the various species of snapper, 20-lb braid on medium spinning and bait casting reels are the preference. During the fall we hammer the grouper within a few miles of the beach with high speed Diawa reels along with a lot of vermillion, lane and mangrove snappers.

For the fly fisherman I have the best equipment including Orvis, Ross, Temple Fork and others. I prefer you bring your own equipment, but if needed, I will supply fly fishing gear. You will also have a supply of proven flies tied by me which will catch fish. A 9-weight for the bay and a 12-weight for offshore are recommended. Normally a sinking line is best for the various species.

Don’t forget to bring your hat and eyewear so you can see the fish swimming around the boat while we are fishing.

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