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Flounder Gigging

Twice a year a migration of flounder takes place in the Panama City, Florida area. A large population of flounder flourish in the Florida Panhandle. Although many catch flounder on light tackle, one of the most memorable experiences you can have while visiting Panama City in the Florida Panhandle would be a spring or late summer flounder gigging trip with Captain J.P. You will depart a few minutes before sunset and spend a moonlit night in the waters of St. Andrews Bay looking to "gig a doormat".

Flounder are called doormats by the locals. When flounder gigging we will "pole" through the shallows looking for the doormats laying in the sandy spots. Considered to be one of the finest eating fish in the Florida Panhandle, flounder gigging is for those that want to take a few fish home.

While you are flounder gigging in our bays, you will see marine life as never before. The powerful bright light used for flounder gigging enables you to witness underwater beauty many never see, not to mention a night on the water with an experienced Captain.

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