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Snapper and Grouper Fishing Guide

Over the last few years there have been some awesome changes to the fishery offshore in Panama City.

When I was growing up we could get on a party boat out of St. Andrews and catch grouper and snapper with relative ease. As time went by the fishery diminished. Even though many people have disagreed with the regulations put into place, the snapper and grouper fishery has made a huge comeback. I have started running offshore for the reef species because of this recovery.

What does all that mean?

It means get down here and get your snapper and grouper on!

The same ability you have seen for years in the bay is now available to you for fishing the gulf. Whether it’s using cut bait, squid or pinfish you will see some monster grouper and snappers of many varieties come up.

When snapper fishing we normally use 14-lb. test and medium action rods. We catch all varieties; lane, reds, vermillion, blacks and different porgys. These fish are delicious eating and are a riot on light tackle.

Grouper fishing can be a little more of a challenge using 50-lb. braided line and high speed reels. Once a grouper hits, you have to get him off the bottom and keep him out of his hole or the wreck. Once you turn the head on one of these brutes, you can look forward to some tasty fillets on your table for several days.

Offshore Grouper
Red Snapper
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